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How to care for your vessel

With proper care, you will enjoy your vessel for many years to come.
To maintain the sheen of your vessel, you may buff the surface with a clean soft cloth,
such as a towel or an old T-shirt. For additional shine, you may apply my beeswax polish.
Simply scrape a small amount of the polish with the back of a spoon.
Soften the polish between your fingers and apply a very thin coat to the vessel.
The polish should be applied very sparingly and rubbed into the vessel.
Allow the wax to completely dry and then buff with a soft cloth.
You may apply this polish as often as you would like.

These pieces are porous and are not watertight.
They should not be filled with liquid or exposed to moisture.
Most vase styles can be waterproofed upon request.

The finish is very UV light sensitive and should never be placed in the sun,
as heavy sunlight or UV exposure may cause fading.
All other forms of indoor lighting are fine for showcasing your vessel.

Additional beeswax polish is available for purchase at a cost of $4.00
including shipping and handling. Please send your inquiries to: or you may phone us at
(808) 661-4439


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